Band studio 2024

The recording of ERYN NON DAE.'s latest album has begun.

We started writing it in 2018.

For each album, we always recorded a lot of demos before going into the studio. The last tracks were finished, ready for final recording, and we have 99% of Mathieu's vocal takes. After careful consideration, the decision to go to the end of the process seemed to us to be the right thing to do: letting Mathieu's last songs and lyrics disappear without a real incarnation is not an option. We need them to conclude this 20-year story and keep moving forward.

Working on this recording is not easy, and every step contains a sad "last time" taste, like multiple little endings to this intense human and artistic experience that had such a big place in our hearts.

Mathieu's absence from our lives is hard to bear, and we feel a strong connection with his words and thoughts, however harsh and bitter they may seem to you when you will read the lyrics on this album.

These last six years of writing have been intense, fragmented and chaotic. The musical direction took shape very slowly, according to our desires, our constraints and our observations. Mathieu gave it a title a long time ago, and now more than ever, all these emotions must be transcended in the form of this last record, for us, for Mathieu, for his loved ones and for all the people our music has touched.

Our relations with labels having never been very fruitful, and given the context, we've decided to ensure the complete funding of this album and its release by ourselves.

We want it to exist physically in very limited quantities, in order to produce something a bit special.

We welcome all financial support for the production of this record, and every euro will go towards the production of this latest album. You can order something from our store or participate via:

Thank you to all those who are already helping us, and to you for all your words and thoughts of support, they are powerful.

Eryn non Dae.

of the self

Eryn Non Dae Abandon Of The Self Cover

New release

Out March 9th, 2018

by Debemur Morti Productions

Abandon of the self

1. Astral 07:46

2. Stellar 06:37

3. Omni 09:37

4. Eclipse 04:31

5. Halo 10:18

6. Fragment 07:46

7. Abyss 06:12

Mixed and mastered by Mobo at Conkrete Studio

Artwork by Mickaël André.

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Jan 12
Wurlitzer Ballroom
Madrid, SPAIN
w/ Hedphelym
Feb 22
Le Rex
Toulouse, FRANCE
w/ Rorcal, Impure Wilhelmina, Nesseria, Sordide, Turia
May 24
La Croule
Peyrelevale, FRANCE
w/ Ingrina
May 25
Metalorgie Festival - Scène Michelet
Nantes, FRANCE
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Feb 17
De Casino
Sint Niklass, BELGIUM
w/ Dodecahedron, Virvum, Zhrine(IS)
March 24
Le Rex
Toulouse, FRANCE
Release party w/ Svart Crown & Guest
May 19
La-Fare-Les-Oliviers, FRANCE
w/ Lessen, Jack Face
June 2
Toxoplasmose XII
w/ Rosetta
Sept 21
Olympic Café
w/ Deliverance, Eyes Front North, Nature Morte
Sept 22
Les Lunatiques Festival
Rennes, FRANCE
w/ Mars Red Sky, The Dali Thundering Concept
Nov 30
Le Rock N' Eat
w/ Vesperine
Dec 13
Grorr Fest
Dec 15
Metronome Fest
Bordeaux, FRANCE
w/ Ingrina